Supplying to Trade

Classic Embroidery does not sell directly to the public. 

New accounts can be opened without formality, but we reserve the right to issue a pro-forma invoice for the initial order.

All invoices must be settled within 30 days of invoice date. Goods remain the property of Classic Embroidery until paid for in full. A discount of 2.5% is available for 7 day settlement. The settlement discount is only available when an invoice is settled in full. Sums received will be applied first to the oldest outstanding invoice. We reserve the right to apply a late payment charge. We may refuse credit terms to habitual late payers.

There is no minimum order.

Retailers will be charged carriage at cost on all orders under £50.
Distributors will be charged carriage at cost on all orders.

Goods can only be returned with prior agreement and we reserve the right to charge the full cost of any reworking needed to bring the returned kits up to merchantable quality.

Overseas trading:

In addition to the terms already stated:
       A pro-forma invoice will be issued for the first order.
       Carriage will be charged at cost on all orders.
       Payment can be in pounds Sterling or Euros and must include all currency transfer charges.


The display of a photomodel is the easiest way to increase sales of the Classic Embroidery designs. The immediate appeal of the designs when seen as a finished example leads to significantly increased sales.

We can make a photomodel of most of our designs available, free of charge, when four kits of that design are purchased. Some photomodels are supplied framed.

Special Orders:

We are happy to supply individual kits as special orders, for example, for map designs that are out of your area and you do not stock. We can post a kit directly to your customer's address if they are only in your area for a short while and we will not charge extra for this service. This service is offered as a help to shop based retailers.  An additional charge of £1 per address will be applied for web based traders.

Window Displays

orrow our stitched examples, backed up by sale-or-return stock, for an attractive display that will boost your sales.

We are happy to arrange the loan of our stitched examples, typically for 4 week periods. We will supply additional stock, on a sale-or-return basis, to ensure that you do not run out during the period of the display.

For a display of our maps with real impact - have you considered taking maps you do not normally stock, some of the larger designs for example? Our overseas designs, Australia, New Zealand and The Nile for example, are extremely popular and including one or two of these in your display will attract additional interest.

Please note that we have a limited supply of stitched examples and requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. An invoice for the full value of the stitched examples will be issued, with full credit given for all items returned in good condition.

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